The wonder and beauty of southwest Montana never cease to inspire, but Race King knows beauty won’t pay the bills.

King converts beauty into beef and he does it far more efficiently with a Te Pari T20 scale and Revolution Drench Gun.

“We grow grass. We can’t grow much else, but we can grow grass,” says the manager at LaCense Montana, an 88,000 acre cow-calf and backgrounding ranch near Dillon.

That high mountain valley grass turns into 900-pound steers ready for a feedlot.

“We ship in tight groups -- within 100 pounds – because our feedlot partners like consistent cattle,” King says. “Instead of shipping based on frame size, we use the scale’s capability to sort by weight.”

Roughly 6000 LaCense yearlings graze irrigated pasture from April through September, with King sorting into shipping groups about every six weeks.

“The scale allows me to sort nine ways,” he says. “I know when to market each group and plan delivery dates.”

The T20 communicates wirelessly with each yearling’s electronic identification tag (EID) so individual weight and health data remain at King’s fingertips with plug-and-play ease.
It also communicates with the Revolution Drench Gun

“The drench gun automatically doses each head based on weight. If a bull needs more wormer than the gun holds, it automatically refills and doses the bull. I don’t know of another drench gun that does that,” King says.

While the Revolution makes light work with its light trigger and durable battery life, the most important reason to use it is the auto-dose feature.

“We save money by not overdosing on wormer, but the biggest advantage is that we are not under-dosing and creating resistant parasites. We have liver flukes in these irrigated meadows. If we develop resistance, we don’t really have another effective means of control,” says King.

Besides backgrounding yearlings, King runs 3000 mother cows. He stockpiles grass for winter feeding – “we haven’t fed a bale since 2006” – and contracts with purebred bull breeders to develop genetics that work in his environment.
The LaCense operation is no fly-by-the-seat-of-yourpants operation. Intensive financial management creates intensive production management. Te Pari T20 products provide the information King needs to make the production decisions that lead to profit.

King’s take-home message:
When you want profit, you want information. When you want information, you want Te Pari.


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