V10 Revolution Injection Gun - Manual Calibration

V10 Revolution Injection Gun - Manual Calibration

The Te Pari Revolution Injector is a high-workload, battery powered, easy-to-use, hand-held and fully portable device that assures delivery of injectable medications in a variety of livestock species, including cattle, swine and sheep. Because the device is light-weight and fully portable, an entire herd or flock can be injected quickly and efficiently.

The Gun is supplied standard with a 14ml barrel, small drenching nozzle and the injector nib combined with a handy carry case. The optional 70ml Barrel can also be fitted to this gun for drenching and pour on.

The V10 Standard model is manually calibrated on the digital keypad and includes a smart range of features.

Stop dosing in the dark!



Intellectual Property:

Subject to patents/applications including US 9,775,697, US 15/100,998, US 7,927,307, and US 8,864,713 and equivalents in other countries, this marking being intended to serve notice under 35 U.S.C. section 287(a).

Product Code: 902-00042-000


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