Savvy cattle producers need more than a photo of their next bull.

They need EPDs that predict growth, maternal and carcass traits that could improve their herds for generations.

While those who raise registered cattle are friendly with one another, the rivals compete to provide that savvy producer’s next generation. Bull and replacement heifer producers better have the ability to collect information on their herd or their buyers will find what they need elsewhere.

That’s where the power of Te Pari provides a competitive advantage.

“We use our Te Pari scale because it is accurate and convenient,” says Louis Dubs of Winding River Angus near Bridger, Mont.

Louis and his wife, Kathy, sell registered black Angus bulls and heifers through private treaty.

“This scale weighs the bull and calculates average daily gain automatically. You enter the individual ID and it does all the rest,” says Kathy.

Kathy Dubs uses data from the Te Pari scale to adjust feed rations as the yearlings reach specific weights so they maintain a healthy rate of gain, too.

The busy Dubs family needs equipment that works fast, works right and works every time.

Their top quality cattle spend the summer grazing on pasture about 75 miles from the home ranch. They come back home for the winter feeding and calving, along with breeding in the spring.

“We used to have a portable scale that we set up at both places,” says Kathy. “It was hard to set up and hard to level.”

“This Te Pari is permanent so we use it a lot more often,” adds Louis. “It was easy to install – less than half a day for two of us.”

The Dubs’ veterinarian appreciates convenience built into the Te Pari system, too.

When he ultrasounds for carcass data, he needs an accurate, reliable weight to calibrate his ultrasound scores.

“Before we had this scale, getting a decent weight on these yearlings was a pain in the neck,” says Louis. “Now, instead of working the cattle again through the portable scale, we get the weights as he ultrasounds. We want to keep our vet happy. He is a lot happier now.”

Best of all, Louis and Kathy Dubs know their Te Pari scale will help them make and save money, creating an opportunity for their daughters, Allison and Katrina, to run the ranch someday. It doesn’t get any better than that.